How do you work?

I have chosen to specialise in fields where I have acquired relevant knowledge and experience. This way, I produce French translations that will

  • meet your requirements, and
  • convey your message to your target audience or readership.

Feel free to check my fields of expertise here and get in touch to discuss your needs. I will always be able to refer you to an associate translator to help you if need be.

I translate documents from English or Spanish into French, for:

  • your business, e.g. commercial documents,
  • the legal world, e.g. contracts,
  • the medical profession, e.g. research papers,
  • the pharmaceutical industry, e.g. clinical trials.

You will find more details and examples here. I can also help with your French audio or video transcriptions.

Yes, of course! Example: if you have just updated the licence agreement for your product, or your website, I can update the existing French translation while checking consistency and ensuring quality is prioritised.

Yes, of course! Example: if your team has produced a French translation of your commercial brochure, I can check it to ensure it makes sense, that it is consistent with your French literature and error/typo-free, making quality a priority.

We will discuss and agree the scope of the review of your French materials – whether original or translated – following a process based on communication and exchange of information, to ensure your French material has the intended impact.

I specialise in legal and medical translation, so I know the importance of confidentiality and data privacy. This is why I make a point of taking all reasonable steps to protect confidentiality and I adhere to a professional Code of Conduct.

Which languages do you translate?

I translate English or Spanish documents in French. I am French so I only translate in French.

Do you need to get your French documents translated in English? I will happily refer you to an associate translator matching your needs.

I translate into French only.

In principle, professional translators translate in their native language. I am French so I translate in French only.

If you need your documents translated into French and other main EU languages (Italian, German or Spanish), do not despair! I can help I work with associate translators competent in their native language. This way I manage your translation project as a one-stop-shop.

What about costs?

The cost of your French translation will depend on various parameters, such as volume, format or timeline.

Please click here to discover the process I follow and see how we will work together, then get in touch to see how I can help.

There are ways you can optimise costs on your translation. For example: specify portions of your text that do not have to be translated (side notes, comments, numerical tables… the choice is yours); send me an editable document to work on, clearly legible. These are some of the points we will discuss when scoping your French translation project.

I accept payment via bank transfer only, in Sterling Pounds or in Euros.

How long does it take?

The turnaround time to deliver your French translation will depend on various parameters, such as the volume, the text itself, etc.

Please click here to discover the process I follow and how we will work together.

I aim to reply to French translation requests with a quote on the same day. The turnaround time for your translation will depend on various factors such as:

  • the format,
  • the volume of your documents,
  • the type of text, and
  • your requirements.

Please click here to discover the process I follow and how we will work together on your French translation project.

Do you need a French translation?

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