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French translation services

I translate from English and Spanish into French, in 3 specialist areas:

  • Legal
  • Business
  • Medical

We work in partnership following your requirements, prioritising consistency, clarity and precision.

Scroll down to discover typical projects and my process for a quality translation services partnership.

French proofreading services

From proofreading to editing, I check all your French materials to ensure they are consistent, grammatically correct, typo-free and using the right tone for your readership and your company.

We work together to get your message across clearly and accurately in French, while favouring plain language to target your audience.

Scroll down to discover some examples and the process I follow for French language services.


Business translation
  • business proposals and bids
  • HR documents
  • mergers & reorganisation programmes
  • annual reports
  • case studies
  • market research
  • marketing documents
  • websites & apps interfaces
  • certified translations
  • T&Cs
  • contracts & agreements
  • articles of association
  • arbitration documents
  • judgements
  • indictments
  • court case proceedings
translation for Pharmaceutical
  • integrated care pathways
  • medical accident reports
  • QRD
  • veterinary clinical manuals
  • research papers
  • clinical trial documents
  • patient interviews
  • pharmaceutical training & marketing material



We plan the project

You need your document(s) translated in French, within a fixed timeline. We discuss your requirements prioritising quality and communication.


We set the timeline

You need the French translation of your document(s) by a given date or your timeline is flexible: we set priorities and milestones before agreeing on a delivery schedule.


We agree on a final price

You need your French translation project to fit within a set budget: we discuss costs based on the volume, content and format of your document(s), and on the timeline agreed.


We collaborate

While working on your French translation project, we communicate and discuss queries to ensure consistency, until completion.


We deliver

You receive your French translation within the agreed timeline and budget. We discuss the final translation, get potential queries answered and make any reasonably required changes as part of the French translation services package.


My fees are based on the level of service provided and depend on criteria such as

  • volume
  • format
  • level of specialisation
  • timeline

Feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements for translation services.

Quotes in Pounds Sterling (£) or Euros (€)

Emergency/weekend work: 20% surcharge
Minimum charge: £40.
Full terms & conditions here

Client confidentiality and trust – Bound by professional codes of conduct from the Chartered Institute of Linguists and the Institute of Translation and Interpreting, I prioritise trust in our partnership: your documents and our correspondence remain confidential.

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